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Having established minimum requirements to its clients, SPK has good reasons for holding the title of the most liberal car rental service in Kaliningrad City!

Age 25 and minimum 3 years' experience for renting premium class vehicles.

Age 21 and minimum 1 year's experience for renting vehicles of other classes.

If your age or experience does not comply with the above requirements, do not be discouraged, call or write us, and we will do our best to take an individual approach to your case and work out a special solution for you.

You need to have the following documents with you:

1. Passport
2. Driver's license (or provisional permission)

Other car rental terms are as follows:

 Contract provisionNote
If you take a clean car (i.e. with the body and interiors clean), you return it clean as well (you must visit a carwash before returning the car), or otherwise cover the carwash services at the rate of RUR 500. The conditions in which the car is handed over to you will be stated in the handover act making an annex to the rental agreement. 
Raising the standards of the services provided to our clients is a priority direction of work for SPK. However, it is not always possible to have a clean car to be handed out to a client (e.g. in a situation when a car is handed over immediately after it has been returned by the previous client). However, if this is an issue of principal importance for you, you may either put a special mark on the online car rental order form if reserving car rental services through our website, or specify the requirement to SPK staff if reserving car rental services over the phone, and we will do our best to provide you with a car in finest conditions. 
When handing over a car to a client and taking it back later, SPK staff will check the amount of fuel by instruments. The amount of fuel is deemed to be sufficient if the fuel limit light is off. If the fuel limit light is on, RUR 350 will have to be paid as a compensation for the fuel shortage. 
Unlike most other car rental services, SPK does not oblige you to refuel the car before returning it. Practice has shown this to be inconvenient and wrong from an ethical point of view, as clients are charged triple price for lacking amounts of fuel. In a normally fuelled rental car (i.e. with the fuel limit light off), a client can reach any point within the city, including a fuelling station, where he/she can obtain the required amount of fuel. However, if this is an issue of principal importance for you, you may either put a special mark on the online car rental order form if reserving car rental services through our website, or specify the requirement to SPK staff if reserving car rental services over the phone, and we will do our best to provide you with a fully fuelled car. 

Smoking in our cars is strictly forbidden. A fine of RUR 7,000 will be imposed for smoking in an SPK car. 

We ask you to pay attention to SPK's position on this issue. SPK is compelled to prohibit smoking in rented cars, as the company shows concern for each client, and especially for the younger passengers of our cars. Smoky interiors are unacceptable for asthmatic and smoke-allergic people, just as well as for our non-smoking clients. Tobacco smoke also negatively affects the appearance of car interiors (seat and ceiling upholstery). 

Run limitations
There is no run limitation for driving an SPK car in Kaliningrad City and within Kaliningrad Oblast. If you go in an SPK car abroad, a run limitation of 300 km per day is applicable. Overrun is paid at a rate of RUR 3.00 per kilometre. For instance, the run limitation for a five days' trip abroad will be 1500 km (5 days by 300 km). If an overrun of, say, 250 km is registered by SPK staff at the point of return of the car, the client will have to pay extra RUR 750 (250 km x RUR 3.00).  This rule is established to prevent commercial use of SPK cars without letting SPK know about it. 

All our cars are insured under Casco and OSAGO (Obligatory Motor Third Party Liability) for an unlimited number of drivers. The insurance is included in the rental rate, and therefore no additional charge is collected. An SPK client will be liable for an 'unforeseen incident', such as a road accident, car theft or damage, only if:

1. The client fails to provide for due formalisation of the incident (with the Road Police, Criminal Police or any other relevant authority) and fails to present the documents required for obtaining insurance compensation. Such cases entail a liability of RUR 5,000 per damaged car element.

2. The client is the party at fault in a road accident (with the fact fixed in the Road Police resolution). Such cases entail a lump sum liability of RUR 10,000 (which is the maximum fine). Going abroad requires the presence of a Green Card (obligatory international insurance policy) issued at a federally fixed price. For extra convenience, our clients can obtain a Green Card directly in the SPK Office. 

Our clients frequently ask the following question: 'Once you have everything insured under Casco, why do you claim client liability if the client is the party at fault in a road accident?'

The answer is: If a client drives an SPK car in compliance with the Traffic Regulations, he/she will naturally avoid such incident. If a client fails to comply with the Traffic Regulations, this means that he/she is prepared to endanger both the rented car and his/her own and third persons' health. To prevent some of our clients from satisfying the totally natural desire to drive a rented car recklessly and put the suspension to a test (such a desire appearing as soon as the client knows that his/her liability is zero), a penalty of RUR 10,000 is established. The amount is only reasonable, if taking in consideration the average cost of a rented car and the rental profit loss incurred due to the idle time spent in repair. We hope that this 'limitation' will help keeping intact both the cars (which are only hardware after all) and, first and foremost, human health and lives. Please, drive carefully - take care of yourselves and others. 

Overnight parking
We put no special requirements as to overnight parking of our cars in Kaliningrad City and within Kaliningrad Oblast. If you go abroad in an SPK car, the car can be left overnight only on a guarded parking lot. 
If a client violates the Traffic Regulations and the car is towed away to a penalty parking lot, the client will personally reclaim the car from the Road Police (with the relevant power vested in the client by the Driver's Letter of Attorney). 
Trips abroad
All of our cars are permitted to go abroad. 
For our clients to go abroad, SPK issues special letters of attorney (free of charge). Therefore, it is vital to inform SPK staff of your intention to go abroad in advance. For special regulations applicable to trips abroad in terms of daily run limitation, overnight parking and car insurance, see relevant sections of our website. 
Security instalments
When signing a car rental agreement, the lessee places with the car owner a security instalment as collateral for the lessee's liabilities under the agreement. The amount of the instalment will depend on the class of the vehicle (see RATES). If the lessee acts in full conformity with his/her obligations under the agreement, the whole amount of the security instalment is refunded when the car is returned. 

Our policies of building loyal relationships with good clients provide for liberating regular and responsible SPK clients from depositing security instalments (as part of our special courtesy, along with other applicable bonuses). 

Additional letters of attorney
Upon a client's request, SPK will produce additional letters of attorney for driving an SPK car, in any number and free of charge. 
A client signing a car rental agreement with SPK must understand and remember that he/she will be liable for the actions of all the persons he empowers to drive the vehicle. 
Car handover
Upon a client's request, SPK will deliver a car to any point within Kaliningrad City (free of charge from 09:00 to 19:00) and Kaliningrad Oblast (for a fee: for applicable rates, see section {RATES}, subsection Additional Services). Rental car delivery to the Khrabrovo Airport is free of charge if the car is to be rented for a minimum period of 5 days. 
We hope that you will show understanding and tolerance if urgent car delivery is impossible due to all relevant SPK staff members being out on duty.